Gensets Controllers


Generator Set Control Unit

The ECU-02 is one of Kutai's best selling Micro Processor based design Digital Genset PLC Control Unit. It offers full engine and generator protections with simple operation and programming without the use of PC connection or software.



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  • Micro-Processor based design
  • Easy-to-Read large LED display
  • Compact size with vibration protected
  • Provides full engine & generator alarms signals & shut downs
  • 2 wire remote start & stop
  • Front panel mounted with manual, off & auto switch
  • Provided with Easy-to-Install auxiliaries, relays & fuses
  • No need for magnetic pick-up to check over speed
  • Simple operation & programming *1
  • No battery power needed to maintain program *2
  • There is no need for PC connection or software--all operation can be done directly on ECU-02.
  • Customized settings are auto-saved into memory and will remain even when power is off.


Power Input Voltage 9-30 Vdc
Sensing Input Voltage 15-380 Vac 3 phase 3 wire
Frequency 50-60 Hz
MPUSignal Input Voltage +/-2V to +/-70V Peak
Frequency Min. 100Hz , Max. 10,000Hz
Power Dissipating Max. 7 watts
CT Specification Burden Above 2.5VA
CT range Min. 25A/5A , Max. 3000A/5A
Control Signals Current 2.5 Amp with input volts
Protection & Alarm Status
  • Engine Start Failure
  • Engine Over Speed
  • MPUFailure
  • Abnormal Generator Voltage
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • Emergency Stop Activated
  • High Engine Temperature
  • Generator Over Load
  • Low Fuel Level
  • Low DC Voltage
4 Digit 7 Segment Easy-to-Read LED Display
  • Programmable Display with 3 Phase Volts,Amp & Freq.
  • Failure Alarms Status
  • Battery DC Voltage Indicator
  • Total Engine Operating Hours & Service Alarm
  • Internal Program Settings & Status
Environment Operating Temperature -25~75 °C
Panel Cut-Out 137.5 x 67.0 +/-0.5 mm
Dimension 144.0 x 72.0 x 90.0 mm
Weight 374 g +/-2%

Diagram and Dimensions