IVT-1260 / IVT-2460

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Generator Auxiliary Excitation Booster

Converting DC battery power to an AC source for use by the AVR. It boosts the motor capacity of shunt generators like a PMG. It is easy to install and can be integrated to the generator excitation systems quickly. Available in 12V (IVT-1260) or 24V (IVT-2460).
(Patent Pending)
  • Exceeds normal generator motor starting capabilities
  • Applicable for generator no-load excitation voltage between 20 to 50 Vdc
  • Provides the load response benefits of a PMG
  • Easy to install and maintenance free
  • Compact size and high efficiency
  • Battery voltage abnormal protection
  • Battery input reverse polarity protection
  • Battery current limit protection
  • Power output self-test
  • Built-in DC bolt-on fuse
  • Very low power consumption in hibernate mode
  • Lower cost than PMG kit
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