Auto Start Control Unit for DENYO Generator

EC-02 Auto Start Control Unit designed for DENYO generators. It can accept signals from a remote switch or an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to automatically start or stop the generator. EC-02 is controlled by a microprocessor for full digital processing. reliable performance.
Works with both 12V and 24V generators.
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  • Specially designed for DENYO generators without Auto Start function
  • Microprocessor-based programmable controller
  • Small size, low cost and high stability
  • Very low power consumption in standby mode
  • Potentiometer time delay settings
  • Three cranking attempts
  • Generator fault indicator and alarm output contacts
  • Terminal block connections for easy installation and maintenance
  • Energize-to-Run and Energize-to-Stop options
  • The circuit board is potted with UL94-V0 rated epoxy resin to allow use in harsh environments
  • Works with both 12V and 24V generators