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Manufacturer and Supplier of AVR, ATS, ABC, GCU/ECU/AMF, Governor and other Genset Parts & Accessories in Taiwan

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Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

AVR / Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator More than 30 types of universal and OEM replacement AVR / Genset Automatic Voltage Regulators.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

ATS / Automatic Transfer Switch Professionally engineered ATS Controller, Transformer Module, Basic Transfer Switch, Automatic Transfer Switch complies with IEC60947-6-1 and newly developed TCS2P125 Double Throw Transfer Switch complies with UL1008.

Automatic Battery Charger

Automatic Battery Charger The Kutai ABC / Automatic Battery Charger ranges from 3 Amp to 20 Amp with Float Charge and Equalize Charge option.

Genset Controller & Automatic Mains Failure

Genset Controller & Automatic Mains Failure The Kutai GCU / Genset Control Protection Module / ECU / Engine Control Unit and AMF / Automatic Mains Failure Control System offers exceptional protection and with optional Relay Modules to reduces the assembling time.

Electronic Governor

Electronic Governor, Engine Speed Control, Speed Control Unit The Kutai Generator Governor is compatible with all analogue type governor controllers from Cumming, Baber Colman, Woodwards and GAC actuators can be hydraulic type, PT pump, built in type and external mounted types and the ACT resistance range is 24V 1.6 ohm to 48 ohm and 12V 0.8 ohm to 24 ohm.

Other Generator Set Parts

Other Generator Set Parts Optional generator related parts to enhance the genset package performance. The VSS3P0400 and VSS3P0800 Voltage Selector Switch are the only available quick voltage selector of its kind on the market.

Events & News

OCT 3rd 2014 Discontinued Product Notification
We thank you for your patronage of KUTAI products. AVR model EA05A is discontinued and ADVR-053 will be a recommended replacement.
AUG 8th 2014 Generator Auxiliary Excitation Booster. A Cost-effective excitation solution better than PMGNew product launch! Introducing Generator Auxiliary Excitation Booster (IVT-1260/IVT-2460)
An optimized excitation solution better than PMG. Support excitation system in the time of heavy loading and motor starting with efficacy equivalent to PMG. Compact. Easy to install. Low installation cost.
MAR 19th 2014 Discontinued Product Notification
We thank you for your patronage of KUTAI products. AVR model EA16 is discontinued and ADVR-16 will be a recommended replacement.
JAN 29th 2014 Industrial Automatic Battery ChargersWe are pleased to announce the new CH36 series Automatic Battery Charger is now available!
Wider input range 100 to 277 Vac than previous CH35 series. Suitable for Gel, Flooded Lead Acid & AGM batteries.
DEC 19th 2013 AVR compatible with Marathon DVR-2000 SeriesADVR-2200M NEW AVR RELEASES!
We're delighted to present our new AVR which is internal wiring external adjustment. Applicable for multiple power input source SHUNT/AUX/HARMONIC/PMG. Marathon DVR-2000 Series replaceable.
OCT 30th 2013 POWER-GEN International 2013
Kutai Electronics & MTS Power Products (McPherson Controls) will be participating in a joint exhibition at "POWER-GEN International". See you there!
Time: NOVEMBER 12-14, 2013
Place: Orange County Convention Center. Orlando, FL, USA
Click here for more information http://www.power-gen.com/index.html (View Floor Plan Here)
JULY 25th 2013 New and useful function has been added to the Barcode Scanning application! We have added a quick link on the test report page, to help user quickly and easily access the corresponding product user manual when needed. The App is free for download at Apple Store and Google Play. Compatible with Android system and Apple iOS system Version 5.1 or later!
Added a user manual link on the test report page
JULY 3rd 2013


EA07 output voltage adjustment!
According to recent claim of voltage output adjustment problem found on the EA07 AVR (compatible AVR for Mecc Alte SR7 series AVR), we found the problem was actually caused by inadequate adjustment of the voltage potentiometer. (See below picture).
The voltage potentiometer (Trim pot) used in the EA07 AVR is a multi-turn (25 turns) potentiometer. Therefore, when making adjustment to the output voltage on the EA07, please apply additional revolutions to the potentiometer to achieve the required voltage output.
Redundant ATS Touch Screen Controller


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