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Dual Gensets Automatic Transfer Switch Controller


Automatic Transfer Switch Controller for Dual Gensets

ATS-33 controller is specially design for dual generators power system where location is without utility power. The primary generator is backed up by a secondary standby generator incase of primary start up failure or when load power is lost from the primary generator the controller will start up the secondary generator and automatically transfer load to the standby power. Or the ATS-33 can program the dual generators to operate in a timely relay duty operation. The controller is equipped with optional USB, RS485, and Ethernet remote communication expansion slot, allowing user to purchase preferred optional communication module for alternative remote monitoring and operation.

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  • Micro-processor based & full glass panel design
  • Smart m-Touch touch sensing design
  • Compact size with user-friendly LED display
  • Capacitive touch key programming & operation
    (*All operation can be done directly on panel touch key or from PC connection)
  • Program settings are Auto-saved into memory and will remain saved even when power is disconnected
  • Provides 3 or 1 phase voltage & frequency monitoring & protection for both generators source
  • Transfer fail and start fail with dry contact alarm output
  • Optional USB / RS485 / Ethernet remote communication functions (see the picture below)
  • Free APP for monitor and operate your ATS & genset directly from your smart phone
  • Programmable duty time for each generator
  • Specifically developed for telecommunication industry
  • Remote Communication and Monitoring Compatibility
Optional USB / RS485 / Ethernet remote communication functions

Dual Generators Automatic Transfer Switch System Illustration


DC Power Supply Voltage 8 to 60 Vac
AC Voltage Input 50 to 500 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Remote Start Contact 7A @ 250 Vac Max.
G1 ON Contact 7A @ 250 Vac Max.
G2 ON Contact 7A @ 250 Vac Max.
Alarm Output Contact 7A @ 250 Vac Max.
Environment Operating Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 to +80 °C
Relative Humidity Max. 90%
User-Friendly 7 Segment & Status LED Display
  • Programmable display with 3 phase Voltage & Frequency
  • Programmable display Duty time
  • Engine warm-up and cooling real time countdown display
  • Internal program settings & status display
  • Display Auto/OFF/Bypass status
  • Over/Under Voltage & Frequency alarm (Both Generators)
  • Display real time power loop
Full Phase Voltage & Frequency Monitoring Over Voltage Adjustable Range : 110 to 500 Vac
Under Voltage Adjustable Range : 80 to 470 Vac
Over Frequency Adjustable Range : 51 to 70 Hz
Under Frequency Adjustable Range : 45 to 59 Hz
Adjustable Timers Duty Time for Genset-1 : 1 to 999 hours
Duty Time for Genset-2 : 1 to 999 hours
Time Delay From G1 to G2 : 0 to 250 seconds
Time Delay From G2 to G1 : 0 to 250 seconds
Engine Cooling Time for Both Gensets : 0 to 250 seconds
Time Delay Center OFF : 0 to 99 seconds
Panel Cut-Out 112.0 x 167.0 +/-0.5 mm
Dimension 125.0 (L) x 180.0 (W) x 42.0 (H) mm
Weight 495 g +/-2%



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