Telecom Power Automatic Transfer Switches


Air Circuit Breaker Type (ACB) Transfer Switch
Rated Current 800-6300 Amp
Rated Voltage 220-690 Vac

Kutai ACB ATS Air Circuit breaker type 3 pole and 4 pole Automatic Transfer Switch with rated current starting from 800 Amp to 6300 Amp. Customers can select from desired brand and capacity ACB to be installed. The Standard ACB type ATS package includes ATS Intelligent Controller, PTM-400 (Voltage Transformer Module), ACB (Air Circuit Breaker), all the connection harness and indoor enclosure (outdoor type is optional).



  • Modular design, for quick and easy component repair & replacement with emergency manual override *1
  • ATS-24 / ATS-38 / ATS-46 Intelligent Controller : Voltage monitoring & protection with built-in 1 to 4 weeks exerciser timer
  • PTM-400 Voltage Transformer Module : Change voltage easily by connectors
  • The ATS is made with 2 interlocked ACB switches with individually integrated high short circuit breaking capacity & OCPD *2 optional ground fault trip available
  • ACB can be ordered rack or fixed mounted
  • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 requirements *3
  • KUTAI modularized ACB is combined with enclosure, ATS Intelligent Controller, PTM modules & ACB. For more details, please check the brochure & manual of each item.
  • OCPD : Over current protection device.
  • IEC60947-6-1 Requirements :
    1. IEC60947-6-1 Class CB : ATS provided with over current releases and the main contacts of which are capable of making and are intended for breaking short circuit currents.
    2. IEC60947-6-1 Utilization Category AC-33A :
      • Frequent operations.
      • Motor loads or mixed loads including motors, resistive loads and up to 30% incandescent lamp.

ACB Rated Operating Current & AC Rated Breaking Capacity

Rated Current (A)
Ambient Temperature 40 °C
Poles Version Type AC Rated Breaking Capacity (KA)
IEC 60947-2 Icu / Ics
220V / 415V 440V 500V
800 – 1600 (A) 3P & 4P Fix H1 65 65 65
H2 100 100 85
2000 – 3200 (A) 3P & 4P Fix H1 75 75 75
H2 100 100 85
  • For special high breaking capacity requirements, please contact us.

Diagram and Dimensions

Enclosure P/N. CA-3PACB CA-4PACB
H 2150 mm 2150 mm
W 1000 mm 1200 mm
D 1000 mm 1200 mm
Thickness 2.0 / 3.0 mm 2.0 / 3.0 mm
Fixed Type Floor Floor
MCCB Capacity 3P 800 – 3200A 4P 800 – 3200A
Wire Portal Dimensions Bottom Open Bottom Open
IP Class IP33 IP33
Outdoor Enclosures Please contact us if rain-proof (for outdoor use) enclosure is needed.