Basler VR63-4 AVR Replacements


Direct Replacement for Basler VR63-4 and VR63-4A Regulator

EA04A is a self excited brushless type AVR, which is able to directly replaces Basler VR63-4 and VR63-4A. It can also replace Marathon SE100A.



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  • Voltage regulation < +/-1%
  • For use in 50/60 Hz brushless generators
  • Optional 120/240 Vac sensing voltage switch *
  • Under frequency & over excitation protection
  • EMI suppression
  • Built-in high breaking capacity fuse
  • Use with Kutai EP200 Paralleling Module for parallel operation
  • Basler Model VR63-4A only fits 120 Vac Generators, and Basler Model VR63-4 only fits 240 Vac Generators respectively, and both original Basler models do not have fuse protection.


Sensing & Power Input
120 (90 to 132) / 240 (171 to 264) Vac DIP switch selectable
50/60 Hz selectable
Max. 32 Vdc @ 120 Vac input
Max. 63 Vdc @ 240 Vac input
Continuous 4A
Intermittent 7A for 60 seconds
Min. 15 ohms
Max. 100 ohms
Voltage Regulation < +/-1% (with 4% engine governing)
Build Up Voltage Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 Vac
External Volts Adjustment +/-15% with 1 kΩ 1 watt trimmer
Unit Power Dissipation Max. 8 watts
EMI Suppression Internal electromagnetic interference filtering
Thermal Drift 0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient
Under Frequency Protection
(Factory Setting)
50 Hz system presets knee point at 45 Hz
60 Hz system presets knee point at 55 Hz
Over Excitation Shutdown Field volts shut down after a time delay if exciter field volts exceed 100+/-5 Vdc
Operating Temperature
-40 to +60 °C
Storage Temperature
-40 to +85 °C
Relative Humidity
Max. 90%
1.5G @ 5 to 30 Hz
5.0G @ 30 to 500 Hz
AVR Control Functions
Voltage adjustment
Stability adjustment
Dimension 100.0 (L) x 68.5 (W) x 33.0 (H) mm
Weight 230 g +/-2%

Diagram and Dimensions