ECU-02 Output Generator-Sets Controller Relay Boards

ECU-11 / ECU-22

Relay Module for ECU-02 12V & 24V

The ECU-11 (12 Vdc) and ECU-22 (24 Vdc) Generator-Set Controller Relay Board is an optional add on accessory for the ECU-02. It isolates ECU-02 from electric shock and greatly shortens the set up and maintenance time.



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  • Isolates ECU-02 from electric shock
  • Provides control signals to Gen-set
  • Simplify Genset control panel assembly with simple harness with plug-in connectors *
  • Euro standard terminals with DIN rail base
  • Simple maintenance
  • External high capacity relay applicable
  • The available harness length range is from 26cm to 75cm.

Diagram and Dimensions

Terminals Function
J1 , J2 Terminal plugs which connect to ECU-02 by harness sets
TB2 , TB3 Terminal Strips which connect to Gen-set for control and sensing
Fuse Function Specifications
F1-F3 AC Input Voltage Protection 20mm , 2A / AC 250V
F4 ECU-02 DC input Protection 20mm , 2A / AC 250V
F5 Signal Output Protection 30mm , 50A / DC 30V
Relay Function Specifications
K1 Warm Up Signal DC 30V / 5 Amp
K2 Stop Signal DC 30V / 30 Amp
K3 Start Signal DC 30V / 30 Amp
K4 Auxiliary Signal DC 30V / 5 Amp
K5 Pre-heat Signal DC 30V / 30 Amp
K6 Alarm Signal DC 30V / 5 Amp