VSS3P0800 VSS3P0800 Voltage Selector Switch 400Amp and 800 Amp


Voltage Selector Switch 400Amp and 800Amp

VSS3P0800 The Kutai VSS (Voltage Selector Switch) is unique and easy to operate. By rotating the handle, the operator can change any 12 lead generator from Hi Y-Y Rated Current 400 Amps to Low Y-YY Rated Current 800 Amps in a few seconds and at the same time positioning the correct breaker for optional voltage of 220V and 440V. This Voltage Selector Switch is ideal for generator rental markets.


  • MCCB type voltage selector switch
  • High short circuit breaking capacity
  • With mechanical interlock
  • Incorporate over current protection device (OCPD) design
  • Position indicator switches incorporated
  • Molded insulating manual handle
  • Plug-in connector to simplify connection to external devices

VSS Rated Operating Current & AC Rated Breaking Capacity

VSS Position Poles Rated Current (A)
Ambient Temperature
AC Rated Breaking Capacity
Sym r.m.s (KA) IEC 60947-2 Icu / Ics
240V 380V 415V 440V 500V
Y 3P 400 30 25 25 25 15
YY 3P 800 30 25 25 25 15



  • Dimensions
  • 570.0 (L) x 262.0 (W) x 282.0 (H) mm
  • Weight
  • 28.85 Kg +/-2%

Wiring Diagram

Rotating Image