Generator Control Unit

The GCU-10 is an economical genset controller, giving high reliability for much less than similar controllers. It has adjustable settings to enable it to work with any type of generating set and comply with different engine conditions and protections. Optional 12V/24V relay boards (GCU-11R) are available for simplifying wiring and connections.
  • Microprocessor based design
  • LED status indicator with graphic interface
  • Modular design with easy installation
  • Adjustable settings to suit wide array of generator set application
  • UV protection with minimum waterproofing (IP51)
  • Provide IDLE control for Elec. governors
  • Five adjustable time delay potentiometers
  • Five DIP switches for configuration
  • Optional GCU-11R (12/24Vdc) relay module to simplify connection and provide additional protection to controller
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