Digital Temperature Sender

Exclusive accessory for GCU-3000 Genset Control Unit
TS-02 is the most accurate temperature sender available with accuracy -25 °C to +100 °C +/-2.0 °C (Max.).
  • Accuracy -25 to +100 °C +/-2.0 °C (Max.)
  • Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
  • Display Accuracy 0.5 °C / step
  • ESD Protection 2000V
  • Transmission Distance 30M
  • Waterproof integral electrical connector
  • Exceptional shake and vibration tolerance
  • No adjustment needed, 100% compatibility if new sender replaced
  • Built in digital sender, excellent accuracy, more precise than the traditional thermocouple or resistance temperature sender
  • Extremely stable linearity output, no need for adjustment after installation or maintenance
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