Automatic Battery Charger

Kutai automatic battery chargers are designed for Lead Acid, Gel & AGM type batteries and come in both 12V and 24V models with ranges from 3 to 20 Amps. Some models are available for both float charge and equalize charge capabilities.

  • Kutai Automatic Battery Charger provides outstanding charging performance in terms of efficiency and durability. The battery life extension design ensures long lasting connections for batteries.

Panel Mountable Type

Industrial Automatic Battery Chargers

CH4612 / CH4624

Automatic Battery Charger with Easy-to-Read LED

Portable Type

DC Voltage Chargers

CH1112 / CH2112
CH1124 / CH2124

Automatic Battery Charger 12Vdc / 24Vdc 10Amp
Portable Battery Chargers Float & Equalize Type

CH1812 / CH1824

Portable Automatic Battery Charger 20Amp

Wall Mountable Type

Float & Equalize Type Battery Chargers Wall-Mountable

CH1712 / CH1724

Wall Mountable Automatic Battery Charger 20Amp