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All our products are totally engineered, designed and manufactured in TAIWAN.

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Design and manufacture Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator, Automatic Transfer Switch, Generator Control Unit, Auto Mains Failure Controller, Governor controller and other electronic accessories for gensets, including Magnetic Pick-Up, Automatic Battery Charger.

Generator Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

Kutai manufactures more than 30 models of automatic voltage regulators as OEM and universal replacement parts for all types of generators- self-excited (Shunt), auxiliary winding, harmonic winding, and PMG. Click Select Your AVR to search our range of automatic voltage regulators by inputting the characteristics or an original model no.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches transfer to backup generators or other emergency power sources when a problem occurs. Kutai offers a wide-range of Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) type transfer switches (comply with IEC60947-6-1) and also our newly developed double throw type transfer switches (comply with UL1008).

Automatic Battery Chargers

Kutai automatic battery chargers are designed for Lead Acid, Gel & AGM type batteries and come in both 12V and 24V models with ranges from 3 to 20 Amps. Some models are available for both float charge and equalize charge capabilities.

Genset Controller and Automatic Mains Failure

Kutai generator control units are high-reliability OEM and universal and aftermarket replacements for all different types of generators and engine types. The Kutai auto mains failure module is a control and protection module for the genset with full generator control unit capability and also a monitoring controller for the ATS.

Electronic Governor Controllers

Kutai’s electronic governor controller is compatible with all analog governors/speed controllers from Cummins, Barber Colman, Woodward and GAC. The Kutai governor controller works with all types of hydraulically actuated governors, PT pump type (Cummins), both built-in and externally mounted.

Other Genset Electronics and Accessories for improved performance

Kutai has designed electronic components and accessories that will enhance the performance of your gensets in different applications. For rental generators, the Kutai Voltage Selector Switch (VSS) is the only available quick voltage selector of its kind on the market.

Events & News

SEP 28th 2018 New Product!
EC-02 Auto Start Control Unit.
Designed specially to add Auto Start function to DENYO Generators without built-in capability. The module can accept inputs from a remote switch or an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to automatically start and stop the generator.
NOV 8th 2017 New Product!
BTB Type ATS is an integrated transfer switch and controller that is simple and intuitive to operate through a color LCD display panel. The compact back-to-back (BTB) design takes up minimal space and makes installation quick and easy.
NOV 6th 2017

Kutai Electronics & MTS Power Products (McPherson Controls) will be participating in a joint exhibition at " POWER-GEN INTERNATIONAL ". Booth: 8327. See you there!

Time: DECEMBER 5 - 7, 2017

Place: LAS VEGAS Convention Center - North & Central Halls, LAS VEGAS, NV USA

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