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Programmable Automatic Transfer Switch
2P/3P/4P 100Amp/250Amp & 2P 400Amp

BTB type Automatic Transfer Switch integrates the programmable controller and transfer switch, saving users a lot more time on setting and installation.
It can be operated both electrically and manually; through the colored LCD display panel, all information is clear at a glance. BTB series is available for 2P/3P/4P 250Amp & 2P 400Amp system, and the system voltage is between 110V to 480V. Made with Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) provides Over current protection. The equipped mechanical and electrical interlock protections & safety lock both efficiently prevent the personnel and gensets from potential injury or damage. With optional CTM-25 Current Transformer (CT) & Communication Module, users are enabled to control and monitor the gensets remotely.
U.S. Pat. No.11,239,692
TAIWAN Pat. No. M553490
  • Integrated programmable controller with switch save space, installation time and cost
  • MCCB type with available as Class CB / Class PC models
  • Electrical and Manual operation, Lug connections to avoid crimping
  • Safety lock to avoid injury to personnel during maintenance
  • Color LCD display allows direct input of settings
  • All phase voltage/frequency monitor & protection for Utility & Generator
  • Auxiliary contacts to indicate Utility or Generator MCCB closed
  • Adjustable central “OFF” position timer
  • Adjustable Weekly exercise timer from 1 to 4 weeks
  • Both mechanical and electrical interlock protections
  • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 and AC-33A Utilization Category
  • Optional CTM-25 Current Transformer (CT) & Communication Module for remote monitoring and control with a Smartphone
  • Option of English, Spanish, Japanese or Traditional Chinese language display。
  • All fault message accompany by an audio alarm to notify the user

Indoor & Outdoor Enclosure available for selection

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