BTB Type ATS All-In-One Current Transformer (CT)& Communication Module

Exclusive accessory for Programmable BTB Type Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). BTB Type ATS All-In-One Current Transformer (CT) & Communication Interface Module. An optional add-on module to provides BTB controller with load current readings and integrated remote communication module connection interface to simplify connection and space saving.
  • One piece integrated Current Transformer and Communication Interface, for increased convenience and space saving
  • Exclusive for BTB type ATS with trouble free connection
  • Provide load current reading for single and three phase system
  • Plug and play, no configuration required
  • Connect up to two KCU-XX communication modules
  • Mistake-proof connection design
  • Wiring cable-tie fixture design
  • Power input and Connection status indicator
    GREEN indicator (Constant) : Power input connected
    RED indicator (Flashing) : In communication with BTB
    RED indicator (Constant) : BTB & CTM-25 Connection lost>
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