Auto Start Generator Control & Protection Module with Remote Monitoring & Control

The GCU-5K is an advanced Auto Start Genset Control & Protection system with integrated modular panel design, it offers 18 generator power measurement readings displayed in both digital and graphical needle meter for comprehensive monitoring and control.
GCU-5K is suitable for both electronic Engine (SAE J1939), non-electronic (traditional) Engine, as well as diesel and natural gas engine generators currently available in the market.
KUTAI GCU-5K provides complete control and protection features, with records up to 250 event logs for Engine Start / Stop and all Fault Alarms.
Featuring a 7-inch color LCD panel with IP65 waterproof rating, also built-in Alarm speaker, pre-engine start voice alarm play back function, supporting the top ten languages worldwide. GCU-5K offers an ideal solution for stand alone Generator operation.
The GCU-5K built-in Wi-Fi network connectivity for Free online firmware update anytime.
Free GenOnCall® APP remote monitoring application available for iOS and Android to download, user can remote monitoring, operation and setting the generator, also receive push notification for Engine Start / Stop and all Fault Alarms through a smartphone or a tablet device, with very low connection fee.
User can accurately obtain location and status of the generator through WPS Location Service.
※The blue text indicates remote connection feature.
※KUTAI offers a 60 days free trial for the remote connection feature, allowing user to monitor the generator set anytime.
  • 7’’ color LCD panel, screen resolution 800 x 480, waterproof rating IP65.
  • Provides 18 power measurement parameters, with the screen displaying both numerical and analog meter display modes. The analog meter can be freely specified.
  • Display interface options: Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese,Spanish.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for network connectivity, no additional modules required.
  • Loudspeaker for Engine pre-start warming, support 10 languages.
  • Supports reading and displaying ECU (SAE J1939) engine parameters.
  • Equipped with internal timer to implement screen protection mode, extending the screen's lifespan.
  • Automatic fuel supply control between main and reserve tanks.
  • 5 user configurable DC outputs and 5 user configurable inputs.
  • Optional Modbus-RTU / Modbus-TCP/IP / SNMP / Ethernet communication module is available.
  • Free iOS and Android GenOnCall® App for user to download.
  • Allows one operator and up to seven viewers to remotely operate,monitor the status, and adjust all relevant settings for the generator set via network access simultaneously.
  • Using WPS, the GenOnCall® app can display the position of the generator set on the map.
  • Offer push notifications for Start / Stop / Fault messages and up to 250 event logs for queries.
    ※ The blue text indicates remote connection feature.
    ※ KUTAI offers a 60 days free trial for the remote connection feature, allowing user to monitor the generator set anytime.

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