Color Touch Screen Remote Annunciator

RA-485 is a 5.7" touchscreen display unit designed for monitoring & control multiple KUTAI controllers simultaneously. Built-in alarm buzzer with Synchronous display of real-time information (V, A, Hz...etc.). KCU-02 module is required for connecting the RA-485 annunciator to the controllers.
  • Micro-processor based design
  • Compact size with 5.7" colorful screen
  • Simple touch panel operation
  • Monitoring & control multiple (up to 4) KUTAI controllers simultaneously
  • Easy-to-read Gauge or Numerical Meter Display
  • RS-485 protocol configuration
  • Built-in alarm buzzer
  • Synchronous display of real-time information (V, A, Hz...etc.)
  • Allows remote synchronous operation for all the controllers
  • Multi-language support
  • For use with specific KUTAI programmable ATS & Generator control units
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