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RS-485 Communication Module


RS-485 Remote Communication Module

KCU-02 is an optional communication module which allows you to remotely monitor and control specific KUTAI ATS and Generator controllers using PC or laptop. Quick connection through a RS-485 cable.

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  • Friendly software interface, for configuration and monitoring
  • Working under Half-Duplex mode
  • Automatic configuration of RS-485 address and baud rate
  • Equipped with LED status indicator


Power Input 5 Vdc
Power Consumption < 1.0 watt
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Relative Humidity Max. 95%
Dimension 56.0 (L) x 23.0 (W) x 65.0 (H) mm
Weight 27.8 g +/-2%


Software for PC


Compatible Controllers