Universal Electronic Engine Governor Controller

Generator Electronic Governor Controller also known as Engine Speed Control or Engine Governor. It has smoke limit, idle speed control and Slow response mode. It's suitable for petrol generator, diesel generator, and natural gas generator. It also compatible with Cummins,Woodward,Barber Colman, and GAC's governor.
Newly added " extreme slow response " engine setting.
※ Kutai EG3002F provides wider remote speed adjustment range +/- 30 %
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  • Can be used in a wide range of input frequencies
  • 15 Amp maximum current output
  • Suitable for all diesel, natural gas, and petrol (gasoline) engines
  • Fast response time limits variations in speed (high stability)
  • Injected epoxy housing provides high resistance to moisture, vibration, and oxidation
  • Can connect with external potentiometer for remote speed control
  • Adjustable Engine Idle speed setting
  • Accepts analog signal inputs from other controllers to control speed