Relay Module

GCU-14R is the engine relay module which specially designed for Kutai GCU-4K. Pluggble fuse and power relays for easy replacement. GCU-14R is available in working voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc.GCU-14R is also applicable to genset controllers of other brands that has negative battery output control signal. For other generator controller that has positive battery output control signal, the GCU-11R Relay Module is recommended.
  • GCU-14R - 12V = 12Vdc input voltage
  • GCU-14R - 24V = 24Vdc input voltage
  • Isolates GCU-10 from electric shock
  • Provides control signals to Gen-set
  • Simplify wiring procedure between the GCU-10 and generator with male terminals
  • Insulated with UL94V-0 epoxy for use in all kinds of adverse circumstances
  • External high capacity relay applicable
  • Three 35 Amp on-board replaceable relays
  • Applicable for generator controllers that has negative battery output control signal